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DVD serial interface emulator for various DVD players. This started as an emulator for a Victor XV-D701 to restore background video functionality to Beatmania IIDX cabinets running Twinkle mixes. I've generalized it a bit and am extending it to cover basic functionality of a Toshiba SD-B100 in order to restore DVD functionality to ParaParaParadise 2nd Mix. This is a work in progress meant to help people who need to replace obsolete players in various formats. Note that this hasn't been tested with sound, but in theory this should work fine.

Operating Environment

This player uses omxplayer as the actual video player. It should be able to play any file that omxplayer can, though I've hardcoded it for m4v files. I haven't tested sound as the uses for this only require video, but there's no reason why it wouldn't work. This is meant to be run on a Raspberry Pi 2 but should also be portable to any other Linux system.

It assumes it will be run by the startup script for whatever user this is run under. It assumes that this user has sudo access without a password. It assumes that it can write to the homedir of the user running it. It assumes that the scripts and the compiled binary will all exist in the homedir of the user running them. It assumes omxplayer has been installed.

Current State

Victor XV-D701

I've emulated the base JLIP protocol. Proper responses are returned for recognized and unrecognized commands as well as commands with bad CRC. Basic functions like play/pause/stop and seeking such as chapter commands are fully supported. Basic query parameters and changing JLIP ID through commands is fully supported. The rest of the spec is unimplemented as the emulator is accurate enough to work with Beatmania IIDX.

Toshiba SD-B100

I've emulated only the bare essentials here. I don't know much about the protocol as I've reverse engineered everything I know out of the PPP 2nd game binary and don't own a DVD player itself to experiment with. I'm not sure what other appliations this will be useful for.