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DDR Tools

Tools for extracting and modifying files from Dance Dance Revolution CS games.

TCB Tools

Tools for extracting and converting TCB image files.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..



Search for and extract compressed and uncompressed TCB files within a file.

./tcb-extract <mode> <file containing TCBs>


  • 1 - Bruteforce search for compressed and uncompressed TCBs.
  • 2 - Extract TCBs from file beginning with table (compressed entries).
  • 3 - Extract TCBs from file beginning with table (uncompressed entries).

In most cases 1 works best as many table variations exist that 2 and 3 won't work with.


Convert TCB files to PNG images or inject PNG images back into TCB files. The extracted image will be a standard RGBA PNG image converted from either a 16 or 256 color palletized source. When injecting a PNG back into a TCB, the image data will be updated and a new pallete will be generated to match the TCB's original format. The PNG you inject must be the same resolution as the TCB.

Convert TCB to PNG:

./tcb-convert e <TCB file>

Inject PNG into TCB:

./tcb-convert i <PNG file>


Extract and create filedata.bin files.

python3 filedata-tool.py <mode> <elf file> <filedata.bin> <directory>


  • extract - Extract the contents of filedata.bin to directory. All files referenced in the file table located in the game's elf file will be extracted in addition to "hidden" data missing from the file table. A CSV file will be created named directory\fieldata.csv containing IDs, offsets, and lengths found in the game's ELF, hidden file offsets and lengths, the exported filename, and a guessed description of the file contents to aid in modification.
  • create - Create filedata.bin using files in directory. The CSV created by the extraction mode is used to assemble a new file in the correct order and to update the file table in elf file.


  • Don't modify the ids, offsets, or lengths in the CSV file created by the extraction mode. The filenames can be changed if desired.
  • Don't change the order of the rows in the CSV file. It matches the order of the file table found in the game's ELF.
  • New entries can't be added to the filetable, although this wouldn't be useful anyway. Instead, existing entries can be modified.