{simple,shoddy,smart} minsize-oriented linker
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import argparse
import glob
import itertools
import os.path
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
from smolshared import *
from smolparse import *
from smolemit import *
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('-m', '--target', default='', \
help='architecture to generate asm code for (default: auto)')
parser.add_argument('-l', '--library', metavar='LIB', action='append', \
help='libraries to link against')
parser.add_argument('-L', '--libdir', metavar='DIR', action='append', \
help="directories to search libraries in")
parser.add_argument('--nasm', default=shutil.which('nasm'), \
help="which nasm binary to use")
parser.add_argument('--cc', default=shutil.which('cc'), \
help="which cc binary to use")
parser.add_argument('--scanelf', default=shutil.which('scanelf'), \
help="which scanelf binary to use")
parser.add_argument('--readelf', default=shutil.which('readelf'), \
help="which readelf binary to use")
parser.add_argument('-s', '--hash16', default=False, action='store_true', \
help="Use 16-bit (BSD) hashes instead of 32-bit djb2 hashes. "\
+"Must be used with -DUSE_DNLOAD_LOADER")
parser.add_argument('-n', '--nx', default=False, action='store_true', \
help="Use NX (i.e. don't use RWE pages). Costs the size of one phdr, "\
+"plus some extra bytes on i386.")
parser.add_argument('-d', '--det', default=False, action='store_true', \
help="Make the order of imports deterministic (default: just use on "+\
"whatever binutils throws at us)")
parser.add_argument('input', nargs='+', help="input object file")
parser.add_argument('output', type=argparse.FileType('w'), \
help="output nasm file", default=sys.stdout)
args = parser.parse_args()
for x in ['nasm','cc','scanelf','readelf']:
val = args.__dict__[x]
if val is None or not os.path.isfile(val):
eprintf("'" + x + "' binary" + (" " if val is None
else " ('" + val + "')") + " not found")
if args.libdir is None: args.libdir = []
arch = args.target.tolower() if len(args.target)!=0 \
else decide_arch(args.input)
if arch not in archmagic:
eprintf("Unknown architecture '" + str(arch) + "'")
syms = get_needed_syms(args.readelf, args.input)
paths = get_cc_paths(args.cc)
spaths = args.libdir + paths['libraries']
libnames = args.library
libs = list(find_libs(spaths, libnames))
symbols = {}
#print("libs = " + str(libs))
for symbol, reloc in syms:
library = find_symbol(args.scanelf, libs, libnames, symbol)
if not library:
eprintf("could not find symbol: {}".format(symbol))
symbols.setdefault(library, [])
symbols[library].append((symbol, reloc))
output(arch, symbols, args.nx, args.hash16, args.output, args.det)
if __name__ == '__main__':