4 Commits (d3d3d1eb1195eea6ceb948728a8ae2594f3454d8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  PoroCYon d3d3d1eb11 fix everything breaking due to 2b2efa3, and also fix library ordening when it would cause problems (closes #5) 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 2970441e03 stuff 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 60d51bbc3b make --debugout output to a separate file in the same run, have debugout ELFs contain proper interp and dyn segments without changing the output file layout 1 year ago
  PoroCYon bfe5fc2698 32-bit works again, use smaller opcodes for ifunc checking code 1 year ago
  PoroCYon daf76fec8e resolve IFUNCs correctly 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 237ba99104 more size crunching, but not completely perfect 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 6e2aa414a3 more optimizations (64-bit only for now) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 518a15d2af make the linker survive -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -Wl,--gc-sections 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 38ea8e9531 64-bit version. 3 years ago
  PoroCYon cccd9656de lots of stuff, see detailed desc. 3 years ago
  PoroCYon f6b9a927a6 use _start, but don't call it ;) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 9f57498eea fix smol wrt new glibc version, make mksyms much faster 3 years ago
  Shiz 6081557aa2 epoch 4 years ago