9 Commits (1e17d117740dc0321f6492026011b925f6993593)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  PoroCYon 1e17d11774 CRC32C-based hash (thanks Intel) (Python part is still TODO) 1 year ago
  PoroCYon b71b15b572 automatically adapt end-of-hashes check width to the symbols used (closes #6) 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 62406b12e6 better code arrangement for SKIP_ZERO_VALUE && IFUNC_SUPPORT && USE_DNLOAD_LOADER 1 year ago
  PoroCYon bfe5fc2698 32-bit works again, use smaller opcodes for ifunc checking code 1 year ago
  PoroCYon daf76fec8e resolve IFUNCs correctly 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 4389c2e0a1 add more detailed exported symbols, useful for compressed code size listings 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 3eea42e29c 32-bit version working (not yet the dnload version) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 8c7ce9c930 fix importing weak symbols 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 8a4b7ce4ec src->rt; smol*.py -> src; add optional 16-bit hash version 3 years ago
  PoroCYon c75be623eb 32-bit version using dnload loader now working 3 years ago
  PoroCYon d9dbaae27a fixes. dnload mode should now be usableish 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 26d96fc2c1 get rid of a few more bytes 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 5e19c2746e add dnload import method to 64-bit version (unoptimized atm) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 434630e6cc fix -fno-plt failing 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 1e55344436 fix crash when a hash's LSbyte is 0 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 237ba99104 more size crunching, but not completely perfect 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 296556080d more optimizations (64-bit only for now) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 6e2aa414a3 more optimizations (64-bit only for now) 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 0993ec8dcb use repne scas[dq] for searching for l_entry 3 years ago
  PoroCYon f317bc18db USE_DT_DEBUG, SKIP_ENTRIES options 3 years ago
  PoroCYon d9a5eac2e6 add support for more than one relocation type on x86_64, make stack alignment optional 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 75c1cfe603 add docs etc 3 years ago
  PoroCYon 38ea8e9531 64-bit version. 3 years ago