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  PoroCYon 63afc83c4d keep LD_LIBRARY_PATH order 6 months ago
  PoroCYon e37a0d8e50 shdr parsing in hackyelf, linkmap parsing bug fixes 9 months ago
  PoroCYon 6ad8eed5b2 and make --det work again 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 26feb30590 fix a syntax error, oops 11 months ago
  PoroCYon bfe3ba1f20 REAL real fix for #5, also fix the hash size check, 11 months ago
  PoroCYon e6268471ff ... and ACTUALLY fix #5 11 months ago
  PoroCYon d3d3d1eb11 fix everything breaking due to 2b2efa3, and also fix library ordening when it would cause problems (closes #5) 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 93c83f12b9 credit where credit is due 11 months ago
  PoroCYon d0291ec6cd more docs! 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 2b2efa3d21 make DWARF info output actually work 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 2970441e03 stuff 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 3e321ca962 rearrange arguments a bit so that they make more sense 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 884d2cd913 update README once more 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 77bc5bbebf [BREAKING] change defaults of a number of arguments 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 00b07fe5fc fix 32-bit crc32c binaries segfaulting, fix smoldd's --hash16 handling 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 14bc2a53c3 Merge branch 'crc32c' into master-crc32c-merge 11 months ago
  blackle 181c80984b Fix multiple GLIBC versions 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 8d85d3d4b3 update the README a bit 11 months ago
  blackle 405d8ebf1e Remove dependency on scanelf by using readelf -s 11 months ago
  blackle 49ac82686b Implement crc32c hashing. Add options to smoldd to handle the different hash functions 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 1e17d11774 CRC32C-based hash (thanks Intel) (Python part is still TODO) 12 months ago
  PoroCYon d7135e3fe9 add option to fall back to gen-asm-only behavoir (aka prerelease stuff), fix some temp files not getting removed properly 11 months ago
  PoroCYon b71b15b572 automatically adapt end-of-hashes check width to the symbols used (closes #6) 11 months ago
  PoroCYon c1601fc994 32-bit ifuncs: actually follow the calling convention 11 months ago
  PoroCYon cdfcedc1ee 32-bit ifuncs 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 62406b12e6 better code arrangement for SKIP_ZERO_VALUE && IFUNC_SUPPORT && USE_DNLOAD_LOADER 11 months ago
  PoroCYon ebaa50357d *actually* fix smoldd this time 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 6af8463ef1 make smoldd work with -fuse-dnload-loader executables (oops) 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 60d51bbc3b make --debugout output to a separate file in the same run, have debugout ELFs contain proper interp and dyn segments without changing the output file layout 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 10181a24b5 --debugout and linker maps shouldn't mix 11 months ago
  PoroCYon bfe5fc2698 32-bit works again, use smaller opcodes for ifunc checking code 11 months ago
  PoroCYon daf76fec8e resolve IFUNCs correctly 11 months ago
  PoroCYon 494d32638a sort symbols in linkmap by address 12 months ago
  PoroCYon 51db8f8714 reorganize everything in a single invocation (take 2) 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 09acda915d fix smoldd.py failing when LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't defined in the environment 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 5a42351a0e fix makefile for gcc 10 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 7e384a44a6 fix smoldd 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 5c38b05c85 update CFLAGS etc a bit 1 year ago
  PoroCYon 4389c2e0a1 add more detailed exported symbols, useful for compressed code size listings 1 year ago
  PoroCYon e0bde71bd2 show a warning if a required binary isn't found, should 'fix' #2 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 48fa48e797 fix 32-bit not working 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 788135c670 add fix for gcc 9.1 in the makefile, don't accept LTO input files 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 2f535befa2 ... actually make it deterministic 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 9f03bcf3a6 add --det flag for deterministic order of imports 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 4929ec18ed
Update README.md 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 5dd269d05f fix SIGBUS crashes when accessing bss data from a large .bss segment 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 9ec2133545 add dependencies docs 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 429ba14e8c I'm an idiot 2 years ago
  PoroCYon a2e2e8f503 try to fix gcc printing localized search dir keys 2 years ago
  PoroCYon 987bbab3e4 add support for relocation type 'R_X86_64_GOTPCREL' 2 years ago