Remove dependency on scanelf by using readelf -s

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@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ PoC by Shiz, bugfixing and 64-bit version by PoroCYon.
* GCC (not clang, as the latter doesn't support `nolto-rel` output), GNU ld,
binutils, GNU make, ...
* nasm 2.13 or newer
* `scanelf` from `pax-utils`
* Python 3
## Usage
@ -25,7 +24,7 @@ the smol startup/symbol resolving code will jump to an undefined location.
usage: [-h] [-m TARGET] [-l LIB] [-L DIR] [-s] [-n] [-d] [-fuse-interp] [-falign-stack] [-fuse-nx]
[-fuse-dnload-loader] [-fskip-zero-value] [-fuse-dt-debug] [-fuse-dl-fini] [-fskip-entries]
[-fno-start-arg] [-funsafe-dynamic] [--nasm NASM] [--cc CC] [--scanelf SCANELF] [--readelf READELF]
[-fno-start-arg] [-funsafe-dynamic] [--nasm NASM] [--cc CC] [--readelf READELF]
[--cflags CFLAGS] [--asflags ASFLAGS] [--ldflags LDFLAGS] [--smolrt SMOLRT] [--smolld SMOLLD]
[--verbose] [--keeptmp]
input [input ...] output
@ -71,7 +70,6 @@ optional arguments:
entire binary as the Dyn table, so only enable this if you're sure this won't break things!
--nasm NASM which nasm binary to use
--cc CC which cc binary to use (MUST BE GCC!)
--scanelf SCANELF which scanelf binary to use
--readelf READELF which readelf binary to use
--cflags CFLAGS Flags to pass to the C compiler for the relinking step
--asflags ASFLAGS Flags to pass to the assembler when creating the ELF header and runtime startup code

@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ import os.path
import subprocess
import struct
import sys
import re
from .shared import *
@ -150,14 +151,38 @@ def find_lib(spaths, wanted):
error("E: couldn't find library '" + wanted + "'.")
def find_libs(spaths, wanted): return map(lambda l: find_lib(spaths, l), wanted)
def find_libs(spaths, wanted):
return [find_lib(spaths, l) for l in wanted]
def find_symbol(scanelf_bin, libraries, libnames, symbol):
output = subprocess.check_output([scanelf_bin, '-B', '-F' '%s %S', '-s', \
'+{}'.format(symbol)] + libraries, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL)
for entry in output.decode('utf-8').splitlines():
sym, soname, path = entry.split(' ', 2)
if symbol in sym.split(',') and \
any(soname.startswith('lib'+l) for l in libnames):
return soname
def list_symbols(readelf_bin, lib):
out = subprocess.check_output([readelf_bin, '-sW', lib], stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL)
lines = set(out.decode('utf-8').split('\n'))
symbols = []
for line in lines:
fields = re.split(r"\s+", line)
if len(fields) != 9:
vis, ndx, symbol = fields[6:9]
if vis != "DEFAULT" or ndx == "UND":
# strip away GNU versions
symbol = re.sub(r"@@.*$", "", symbol)
return symbols
def build_symbol_map(readelf_bin, libraries):
# create dictionary that maps symbols to libraries that provide them
symbol_map = {}
for lib in libraries:
symbols = list_symbols(readelf_bin, lib)
for symbol in symbols:
if symbol not in symbol_map:
symbol_map[symbol] = []
soname = lib.split("/")[-1]
return symbol_map

@ -85,8 +85,6 @@ def main():
help="which nasm binary to use")
parser.add_argument('--cc', default=os.getenv('CC') or shutil.which('cc'), \
help="which cc binary to use (MUST BE GCC!)")
parser.add_argument('--scanelf', default=os.getenv('SCANELF') or shutil.which('scanelf'), \
help="which scanelf binary to use")
parser.add_argument('--readelf', default=os.getenv('READELF') or shutil.which('readelf'), \
help="which readelf binary to use")
@ -134,7 +132,7 @@ def main():
if args.fifunc_support: args.asflags.insert(0, "-DIFUNC_SUPPORT")
if args.fifunc_strict_cconv: args.asflags.insert(0, "-DIFUNC_CORRECT_CCONV")
for x in ['nasm','cc','scanelf','readelf']:
for x in ['nasm','cc','readelf']:
val = args.__dict__[x]
if val is None or not os.path.isfile(val):
error("'%s' binary%s not found" %
@ -169,13 +167,17 @@ def main():
syms = get_needed_syms(args.readelf, objinput)
spaths = args.libdir + cc_paths['libraries']
libraries = cc_paths['libraries']
libs = list(find_libs(spaths, args.library))
libs = find_libs(spaths, args.library)
if args.verbose: eprintf("libs = %s" % str(libs))
libs_symbol_map = build_symbol_map(args.readelf, libs)
symbols = {}
for symbol, reloc in syms:
library = find_symbol(args.scanelf, libs, args.library, symbol)
if not library:
if symbol not in libs_symbol_map:
error("could not find symbol: {}".format(symbol))
libs_for_symbol = libs_symbol_map[symbol]
if len(libs_for_symbol) > 1:
error("E: the symbol '" + symbol + "' is provided by more than one library: " + str(libs_for_symbol))
library = libs_for_symbol[0]
symbols.setdefault(library, [])
symbols[library].append((symbol, reloc))

@ -36,19 +36,10 @@ def find_libs(deflibs, libname):
for d in dirs:
for f in glob.glob(glob.escape(d + '/' + libname) + '*'): yield f
def build_hashtab(scanelf_bin, lib):
out = subprocess.check_output([scanelf_bin, '-B', '-F', '%s', '-s', '%pd%*', lib],
def build_hashtab(readelf_bin, lib):
symbols = list_symbols(readelf_bin, lib)
blah = set(out.decode('utf-8').split('\n'))
ret = dict({})
for x in blah:
y = x.split()
if len(y) != 7: continue
ret[hash_djb2(y[6])] = y[6]
return ret
return { hash_djb2(symbol):symbol for symbol in symbols }
def addr2off(elf, addr):
for x in elf.phdrs:
@ -147,8 +138,8 @@ def main():
default=sys.stdin.buffer, help="input file")
default=shutil.which('cc'), help="C compiler binary")
default=shutil.which('scanelf'), help="scanelf binary")
default=shutil.which('readelf'), help="readelf binary")
parser.add_argument('--map', type=argparse.FileType('r'), help=\
"Get the address of the symbol hash table from the "+\
"linker map output instead of attempting to parse the"+\
@ -164,7 +155,7 @@ def main():
htbl = get_hashtbl(elf, blob, args)
libhashes = dict((l, build_hashtab(args.scanelf, neededpaths[l])) for l in needed)
libhashes = dict((l, build_hashtab(args.readelf, neededpaths[l])) for l in needed)
hashresolves = dict({})
noresolves = []