Multi-DJ livestream toolkit
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%include "config.liq"
def create_sources(names, prefix, port)
list.mapi(fun (i, name) -> ^ "-" ^ name, port=port + i, clock_safe=false),
dj = (mix(id="dj", create_sources(djs, "dj", 9000)):source(2,1,0))
viz = (mix(id="viz", create_sources(visualists, "viz", 9100)):source(2,1,0))
master_audio = drop_video(dj)
master_video = drop_audio(fallback([dj, viz]))
master = mksafe(mux_video(master_audio, video=master_video))
%include "rtmp.liq"
output.rtmp.multi(master, id="out-rtmp", urls=["rtmp://localhost/app/live"])